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What to consider when upgrading and how do I know my SAP Version is supported?
Microsoft SQL Server + HANA

iPayment 2019.11 (SBO 9.x | SBO 10.x)

iPayment 2019.10 for SBO 9.2/9.3

iPayment 2019.09 for SBO 9.2/9.3

iPayment 2019.08 for SBO 9.2/9.3

iPayment 2019.06 for SBO 9.2/9.3

iPayment 2018.12.1 for SBO 9.2/9.3

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iPayment does not support SAP Business One 9.0/9.1

Please read the manual carefully as it contains important information on how iPayment works!

Remember to install/update the server component after installing/updating the add-on!

iPayment requires .NET Framework 4.7 and Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (both x86 and x64).

For older released please contact

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